Michael Browne (Bible-teacher, Bath, England)

Remembering Michael Browne

As a young Christian
I was always impressed by your steady walk
as an old soldier
breaking down rocks en bridges

You walked the narrow road as a Christian
tight, not open tight, but strictly tight
head up, always forward
just doing the Lord’s work as a pillar
a pillar for the truth of your Saviour
who broke up the bricks of unbelief and idolatry
in front of you
even in far India

As a servant of Christ you shared the gospel and
brought new live and insights
teaching the simple principles of being together as
Christians around bread and wine, simple emblems of
the Lord´s supper.

Today, faithful and brave soldier, you’re in heaven
seeing signs of the prints in our Lord´s hands, feet and side.

Rest in peace, second Paul!


(I was just a pupil of this extra-ordinary Bible-teacher in my years as a teenager. A Bible-teacher who is rarely seen today! Michael was in his early days working as a special commando at the genie.)